Artificial Intelligence
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Why do we are doing artificial intelligence?

We are tackling artificial intelligence challenge to becoming it open wide and friendly as much as possible. CpsTech is a research and development company whose mission is harness advanced technology to enable access balanced to benefits of engineering application and scientific knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to common people or organizations where it is required but it is not possible to apply because digital divide or low level of knowledge about it. We are scientist in the field of Computer Science and practicians in the disciplines of Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, System's Engineering, Environment Engineering and other related. We are experts in the fields of Software Architecture, Distributed Systems and BigData Applications. We are practicians in this fields applying agile methodologies to development software. Usually we are finding share our knowledge through educational learning courses either virtual and physical. We are members of Computer Society of IEEE, and members of ACM. Enjoy stay plugged to extreme programming competencies. Our approach is build engineering application of Artificial Intelligence to solve a whole range of hitherto intractable problems:

Injecting AI

Building solutions applying Artificial Intelligence friendly and open wide to maximize the efficiency and productivity and enabling access to advanced technologies to the comunitity and your enterpreneurs.

Open Learning Courses

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Preparing to Extreme and Competitive Programmers

Python, C++, Java, C#, Solving competitive programming problems.

Skills in Engineering

Software architecture, software engineering methods to optimize the development process, distributed systems and more.

News — Moves in Artificial Intelligence industry

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Why does Deep Learning is the renacement of machine learning?

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